Southridge Afternoon School 

Junior High School

About the Afternoon School

  • The Scholarship Program
  • The Alumni
  • The Afternoon School Classes
  • The Faculty

The Scholarship Program

In 1977, a group of parents and educators established the PARENTS FOR EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. (PAREF) to take up the challenge of raising children and shaping them into reponsible individuals.

Poverty should not be an obstacle to getting quality education. Wanting to provide better opportunities, PAREF Southridge School, opened in 1987 the Night School Scholarship Program, now known as the Afternoon School.

For the past twenty three years, Southridge Afternoon School, imbued with

an intense personal and spiritual formation, has helped close to 700 male students coming from various schools. The list is growing and the vision extends even further– to assist these promising students through college or in their professional work.

The Alumni

The Southridge Afternoon School is primarily a college-preparatory program. That is why most of its graduates have chosen to enroll in the different universities and colleges to obtain their diploma. Many of them continue their education through scholarships, either from the school itself or other generous individuals and institutions who have pledged their continuous support.

Many of the alumni graduate with highest honors, and some have become board

topnotchers.  To mention a few, one of the school’s alumni, Dennis Umali of Batch 2001, graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, was the topnotcher of the 2007 Veterinary Medicine Licensure Exam, and was awarded in the same year as one of the Ten Outstanding Students

of the Philippines. Another alumnus, Matthew Tamaray of Batch 1993, is now the Senior Vice-President of AirPhil Express. Third Domingo of Batch 1995 is now the youngest Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of his own advertising company, Ideas X Machina. Bobby de Jesus of Batch 1993 now works at the United Nations in New York City.  Many alumni continue to excel in their chosen professions including eight (8) who are part of the faculty of Southridge.

The Afternoon School Classes

Grade 7 AS are the sea lions. They live by the motto Audere Est Facere, that is, to dare is to do. They are presently the largest class in the Afternoon School. They are really daring as sea lions but are dedicated and hard working. Watch out because they are soon on the rise to be the best class!

Sharks can see in the dark better than cats, smell 10,000 times better than humans and have a highly developed sense of taste. They have excellent hearing, receive and sense even the slightest differences in pressure and currents, and can detect the electrical fields of their prey. Like the feared creature of the deep, the Grade 7 spirited sharks has the potential of foresight, the desire for excellence, and sensitivity to the needs of others. They will conquer with endurance the challenges of junior high school, of being an admiral to prove that they are worthy to be called Southridge gentlemen. Fortitudine Vincimus. By Endurance We Conquer!

We are the Soaring Seagulls, Grade 8 Batch 2018. Our moniker 'seagull' is a symbol of resourcefulness, adaptability and freedom. Beyond the meaning of our symbol we dare say with humility that we have the tendency to soar high as we have proven our feat in the last school year's activities through the guidance of our adviser. We struggle to live by the meaning of our motto: Labor Omnia Vincit; Work Conquers All. Very similar to the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva, we struggle to sanctify our work not to conquer others but to conquer ourselves in the service of the school, our community and our families. In the tender compassion of God, we maintain our feet on the ground while soaring high in the realization of our aspirations.

The Grade 9 Batch 2017 uses the pelican as the symbol of self-sacrifice and perseverance. It is the same image used by no less than the Eucharist as it symbolizes the passion of Jesus. The motto Dum Vivimus Servimus means while we live, we serve. We imbibe this motto in our constant struggle for excellence- all in the service of our parents, our school, and our friends; all in the glory of our Creator.

The Faculty

Ariel N. Marcera, Principal

Avelino Prades, Administrative Coordinator

Luis Miguel Consad, Personal Formation Officer

Rex Alcaraz, Math 10, Robotics 7, 8, 9, 10

Virgilio Asuncion, Work Education

Raymundo Constantino, Filipino 7, 8 and 10

Melchor Encabo, History 7, 9 and 10

Edmar Oandasan, English 10, History 8

Ferdinand Rodriguez, English 7, 8 and 9

Jefferson Sto. Domingo, Physical Education

Dastin Tabajunda, Music, Art, Filipino 9

Jodel Maomay, Math 7, Science 7, 10

David Dyogi, Religion 8, 9, 10

Romar Bamba, Staff Assistant